How soon can I expect my parts?

We ship with USPS First Class, which means you should expect your parts usualy within 2-5 busines days.

What do I need for a full build?

Here is everything you'll need for a Seiko dive watch build:

- Case

- Caseback

- Caseback gasket (included with our cases and casebacks!)

- Crown

- Crown gasket(s) (included with our crowns!)

- Stem (included with our crowns!)

- Chapter ring

- Crystal

- Crystal gasket (included with our cases!)

- Bezel

- Bezel insert

- Bezel insert adhesive ring (included with our bezel inserts!)

- Bezel gasket (included with our bezels!)

- Bezel clickspring

- Movement

- Dial holder/movement spacer ring

- Correct day wheel for crown position (if using day complication)

- Date wheel (if using date complication)

- Dial

- Handset

- Silicone grease (recommended for crown, caseback, and bezel gaskets to ensure smoothness and water resistance)

I'll leave it to the pros... Where can I have my watch modded or built?

Here's a list of some trusted modders in the US (contact us if you'd like to be added).